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Assalamu Alaikum ( السلام عليكم )


Welcome to myanmarislamicinfo.com. Here We intend to deliver many of islamic resources in Burmese.

Our first step is to publish Quran in Myanmar language with search options and also you can search standalone in Burmese onscreen keyboard and English as well .


QuranReader In Myanmar Language Desktop Version

This is the first version of Quran Reader in Myanmar language.

1. Audio support if you have internet connection
2. Search support in English and Myanmar and more.
3. Search support with Virtual Keyboard

You can download Here


 WEB Versions

You can also try new QuranReader Here

Support following features

  • 103 Translation languages
  • 103 Translation languages Search Here
  • 26 Recitors
  • 3 layout
  • Wordbyword translation
  • Wordbyword translition
  • and many more..


Translated by Gazi Muhammad Hashim


Or we have done 4 tools so far

1. You can search standalone in Burmese with ZAWGYI onscreen keyboard and English as well



2. You can Explore Quran By SURA(Chapter) by SURA with selection box



3. You can Explore Quran By AYAH(Verses) by AYAHwith selection box



4. Quran Explore